Sunglasses/Best Men’s Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

 The best sunglasses specifically for your face shape however that means you’ve read our article about.
If you haven’t done that and you have that determined your face shape you are going to be at a complete loss for what we’re talking about. So

Why it’s so important to choose the right sunglasses for your face shape?

Because it can really enhance your overall impure urns and complement your facial features. Now if you choose terrible bear sunglasses that don’t complement your face shape then they can really detract from your overall look.

First up; Oval and Triangular face shape

So first up is an oval and triangular face shape because it’s long and relatively proportional with a little more of a rounded jaw and the beauty, are you? I get to wear basically any type of sunglass out there and they’ll still look great. What this means is we get to wear square rounded aviator Club Master style and virtually any other shape outside of that? Will still look like a fan for a fantastic lucky duck.
The only thing you want to watch out for is frames with arms that hang too low. Because this will actually elongate your face further which you want to avoid.

Next up; square face shape

 If you’ve got a square face shape you need to avoid one type of frame or sunglass style specifically. Do you know what it is at home its square? Because you know why that’s just gonna make you look like a literal blockhead which?
I hope you want to avoid it. So your new religion is going to be circular sunglasses or rounded sunglasses something with some sort of round edges curves. Because that is going to balance the proportions of your face shape properly and make you look fantastic. Some popular frame Styles out there are aviators, Wayfarers, or even the John Lennon kind of rounded circular frames as well. Don’t worry we’re gonna include our favorite ones for each of these face shapes in the Associated article.

Next up; round face shave

If you got a round face shave you are almost like squared but the literal exact opposite. So you should not be wearing any sort of rounded sunglasses whatsoever and you need to think square here. This will create really balance with your face shape making your rounded cheeks look slimmer which will look great on you I promise. So choose a square or rectangular frame that has a strong brow line and that is a little wider than your face. These types of angular sunglasses will help lengthen your face and elongate your temple.

Next up; rectangular or oblong face shape

If you’ve got a rectangular or oblong face shape you need to go with sunglasses that add a little more width to your face in order for your face shape to be properly balanced with those sunglasses. So round or square frames will work but you want to go for an oversize or slightly larger size. That’s the best way your sunglasses will work with this face shape.
If you’ve got a heart or diamond-shaped face this is probably the most difficult face shape to find good sunglasses for. Because the issue is you’ve got a wider forehead and it goes down to a narrower chin. You’ve really got to do a lot of work here to make sure that you’re not adding a bunch of bulk to the upper half of your face.
Unfortunately, a lot of sunglasses will do that so the one style that’ll work best for you is club masters. Because they have a semi-rounded shape to them which will help add a little bit more weight towards your pointed chin. They’re not so bulky up top even though. They technically look like it when you put them on it doesn’t look the same as if they’re sitting on a table. But outside of club masters rounded frames will also work as well and again just like I tell before. we definitely included some of our favorite sunglasses for your face shape and the associated article. So definitely check it out in the same category alright we’ll see you the next one bye.

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